Message from Director

Bosaso Public Electricity Grid

The facility of Bosaso public electricity grid is the only national facility that is left operating and in safe hands since the collapse of the nation in early 1990s.   This public utility has been safeguarded from destruction by the dutiful  leadership of Eng. Abshir Muse Said , former chairman of Somali national electricity grid and current chairman of the board of directors.

Fortunately the employees of the utility and their leaders stood up to keep the plant operating since the collapse of the national government in 1991 with considerable  help from the general public in Bosaso and in  Puntland state of Somalia in general.

In this togetherness, the plant has been kept operating and improving each passing year to cope the increasing demand of the public for reliable electricity and the growth of the city of Bosaso which has seen exponential growth in terms of housing, buildings, business and population since the early 1990s.

If we now glance where plant in Bosaso stands in terms of supply of electricity we can safely say that 90% of people of Bosaso receive electricity Bosaso Public Electricity Utility grid and this massive percentage of market share shows how dedicated the organization has been for improving lives and keeping steedy supply of much needed power to the people of Bosaso whereby also keeping intact what is left the national utility facilities throughout the Somalia.

The Bosaso Public Electricity plant provides so many charitable services to the people of Bosaso namely free electricity supply to many public institutions including:

  1. Mosques and religious schools that number around 90 mosques and 13 schools which consume around $25,000 dollars of electricty
  2. Bosaso port which consumes around $18,000 dollars of electricity a month
  3. All security personnel facilities in the city such as Police stations, prisons etc which consume around 36000 dollars of electricity a month
  4. The regional headquarter of Bari region which uses around $1,200 dollars of electricity
  5. The general hospital of Bosaso that the facility covers around 73% of its electriicty which costs us around $19,000 dollars a month
  6. Contributing the beatify of the city by lighting the streets and erecting large electricity pillars that are symbols of beauty when you look around the city

In conclusion, I thank everyone for keeping this noble organization for the service of the people of Puntland in general and in particular in Bosaso.