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The ENEE(WXKU) Bosaso was built with the financial assistance of the Danish government to the Somali people and started it construction from 1987 to 1989 through DANIDA organization. The program was part of program for the improvement of electricity services in the towns of Berbera, Bosaso Erigavo and Gardo.
Through this project, ENEE(WXKU) Bosaso was equipped with three generators (Manufactured in Denmark by M.A.N.B/K) with a capacity of 622kw each, transmission, distribution and network of the electricity, 8 office rooms, one power house building, 4 stores, 1 workshop and 2 residential apartments.
At the time of its establishment, the plant was intended to supply power for about 400 households that were residing at that time and it was enough to provide the required service.
Punt land administration, established in 1989, put the ENEE(WXKU) Bosaso under the management of the PSAWEN Agency (an autonomous agency for water, energy and natural resources).
The ENEE(WXKU) Bosaso currently generates 6.3mw of power from 4 new generators and one old (M.A.N.B/K) generators, the amount of power energy produced is not adequately sufficient to meet the power demand of Bosaso city and concentrated for the supply of the domestic use energy for about 90% of the population in Bosaso, public infrastructure i.e. schools, hospitals, MCHs and mosques, and some of the private businesses like small scale industries, Hotels etc. and left dark all the roads and other streets for the insufficient power which causes in security incidents occurrences like car accidents that sometimes resulted death, serious injuries and loss of properties, it also experienced theft, robbery of the cash in the pocket, mobile phones, watches, necklaces and other criminal activities.
In order to overcome those problems ENEE has proposing an alternative energy source which is environmentally, socially, politically sound which the Solar energy for the use of Bosaso streets lightning system, this system of the generating from the solar is viable, reliable, durable, installable easily and available. Therefore, ENEE is proposing a solar project and advocating for funding from the international community.